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The most important criteria in selecting the Magnet for your application are:-


A         Type of material to be handled

B         Physical and electrical capacities

C         Material temperature

D         Duty Cycle


With the criteria defined, Superlift Magnet can recommend lifting magnet systems that offer daily high Productivity as well as many years uninterrupted service.


Superlift Magnet offers a complete range of products that can handle almost any ferrous metal handling Application, but, let’s narrow things down and answer the most often asked questions by prospective magnet users.

Why Aluminum versus Copper


Generally speaking, a lifting magnet with an Aluminum wound coil is a preferable design for most applications because the price economics generally outweigh the slightly added lifting capacity of a Copper coil Magnet. Although Copper does exhibit more mechanical strength  as compared to Aluminum. Superlift Magnet goes to great lengths to assure that the mechanical strength of the protective manganese bottom plate adequately shields the coil from damage.

For hot metal applications (300 Degree F. and UP) invariably a copper wound is used since the thermal properties of Copper are superior to that of Aluminum.


Why a cast Magnet case versus fabricated


Very simple …to increase the magnet's life. Superlift cast Magnet case design offers many years of initial life as well as economic repairability with a cast Magnet case that can be repaired over and over without the worry of replacing the major components of a fabricated case. It is really quite common for the Superlift factory to repair cast case lifting magnets that are 30-35 years old to like-new condition.


Why Superlift Magnet


Because we not only consider the basic application that is presented to us for out going. We realize that we are designing and selling powerful equipment and therefore take very seriously our obligation to provide effective and safe equipment to our customers that will not only be an economic initial purchase but a long-term value. You have our word on it.   

Manufacturing Range

In addition to the standard circular and rectangular magnets, our range includes the following:

- Special duty magnets for steel mill duty

- Hot duty Magnets

- Electromagnetic pulleys

- Electromagnetic drums

- Suspension type magnetic separators

- Self-cleaning type Overhead type magnetic separators

- Battery operated magnets

- Floor sweeper magnets

- Standby battery bank in case of power failure

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