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Billet magnets that penetrate the air gap for complete, dynamic lifts.

In the normal mill process, billets are seldom straight or flat. air gaps often exist between the billets to be lifted and the magnet. The key test of a billet magnet is its ability to penetrate through the gap and attract the billets. Our magnets have this penetrating power built into them. This means a more efficient, more certain grip every time. It means they can handle more billets per lift, day in day out, eliminating two lifts per layer. Combining the penetrating feature of these magnets with the rugged construction features gives dependable, long-life steel mill service.

Our rectangular industrial magnets come in a wide range of standard widths and lengths to accommodate your billet sizes and layer widths. Because our magnets are fabricated we can custom size a magnet to suit your particular application and solve your specific problems.


Double bottom design for hot work

Ventilated design for hot work


  • 230 VDC

  • 75 percent duty

  • Class 200 degree C insulation

  • Copper coils

  • Manganese end plates

  • Fabricated construction for steel mill service

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