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"SUPERLIFT" lifting magnets for heavy-duty applications are designed on the basis of research in this specialized field. The most favorable dimensioning of all components was determined by thorough mathematical and measuring studies of all factors affecting performance. Experiments on models and fullscale prototypes were carried out to determine such features as usable and stray magnetic flux; the influence of field line length and iron cross-section; temperature drop from hottest point to magnet surface; thermal properties of the entire magnet; suitability of materials and production methods.

All SUPERLIFT lifting magnets are of weatherproof design for outdoor use. Completely sealed submersible models are available for dipping into water-field containers or underwater salvage and similar work.


The mechanical construction of SUPERLIFT high capacity lifting magnets is very sturdy to meet the toughest demands in service. The one-piece magnet body is cast from high-grade dynamo steel. Underneath, between the centre and outer poles, the magnet body is closed by the sturdy, cast, and rib-reinforced non-magnetic austenitic manganese steel plate. Fastening at the center pole is effected by means of a shrunk-on ring, and at the outer pole by locking ring.
The standard three-fall chain suspension, designed with a common suspension ring is rated to meet all normal duty load. Special changes are available on request for extremely heavy loads. Two lugs for guide ropes are fitted as standard.


Standard exciter coils are wound with an Anodised aluminum conductor or fiberglass covered varnish bonded aluminium conductor. Coils wound with anodized aluminum conductor offer the following advantages:
1. greater filling factor
2. Better heat conductivity.
3. Higher resistance to thermal strain.
Coils are cast into their magnet body with a special resin compound of excellent heat conductivity and thus rigidly fixed in position. In special cases, the coil can be furnished with a copper conductor. The use of special resins loaded with fillers as a sealing compound ensures reliable conduction of heat to the magnet surface, maintaining high magnet performance over long, continuous service. All insulation materials confirm to class "H".


The permissible relative duty factor is 75% / 10 mins. or 60% /10 mins. depending on magnet construction and application. The standard operating voltage is 220 volts DC. Magnets for extra heavy duty or handling of hot materials are available on request.


The following electrical accessories are required with the lifting magnet and are available from ELEKTROMAG.
1. Transformer rectifier set or DC generator.
2. Contactor Panel.
3. Cable reeling drum.
4. Master controller.

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